6 responses to “Movies/slides

  1. Who is the lady in scan 23?

    • peacecorpsmalaysia

      Hi Gail,   I couldn’t find a lady in scan 23 – did I miscount?  Also, did you still want me to post the journal entries you sent by US Post?  I wasn’t sure if you were going to send them also by email or not….Just let me know and I’ll get them posted…thanks, Barry

      • I did send them by email but I guess you didn’t get them. I’ll try again. If you don’t see them soon, type ’em in buddy. I know I know, that would be a pain.

  2. barry,

    we also wondered who the lady in scan 0023 is — it is a picture about 19 rows up from the bottom.

    great set of photos!!! do you want me to end you the set from chicago?? I sent them to Peter last month.

  3. That lady looks older than we are at that time. She must have been on staff, maybe a nurse? She is familiar but her name is gone from memory.

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