Suggested readings, movies, etc.

Books by Tom Sebastian:

      Miracle at Monaco (first book)


    The Last King of Babylon (last book)

      Oh, Starry Night

       The Battle for Augusta

       The Summit

Also, he appeared to be working on one called Blowback, but I’m not sure what became of it…..Barry

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star – by Paul Theroux    (suggested by John Dixon). I have noticed that many of us spent long periods of time traveling in and through Asia after PC days -I highly recommend Paul Theroux’s new book — Ghost Train to the Eastern Star — that retraces his Great Asian Railway Bazaar travels of 30 plus years earlier, and is very observant and entertaining.

Slumdog Millionaire – movie   (suggested by Mimi Gray).  Aside from reunion talk, there’s a really good movie out that I urge all to see. It will surely be nominated for Oscars. It’s “Slumdog Millionaire“, made in India with all-Indian cast. It’s a riviting story about an uneducated young man from the slums of Mumbai who makes it onto Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It’s directed by an OP for UK or US, I’m not sure. It’s so good, I’m not going to give anymore of it away.

Roads to Quoz, an American Mosey by William Least Heat Moon (suggested by Barry Morris)

The Consul’s File by Paul Theroux (suggested by Barry Morris).  I believe this is Paul Theroux’s only book set exclusively in Malaysia.  Its set in a diplomatic outpost located in Ayer Hitam which is a small town in the state of Johor.  It has something of the flavor of the end of the British empire.

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama (suggested by John Dixon)

THE GIFT OF RAIN by Tan Twan Eng (suggested by Karl Schwalm).  It’s about Malaysia during WWII, about a Malay Chinese who befriended a Japanese occupier.  It’s a good story, but particularly for someone who lived in Penang, there were a lot of references to current places.  Some of it also takes place in Ipoh, and a little in the rest of Malaysia.

Gran Torino – (movie) suggested by Barry Morris.  Powerful film about Clint Eastwood’s interactions with the Muong people (originally from Vietnam and Laos).  Rumor is that it’s his last movie and, in my opinion, it may be his best.

2 responses to “Suggested readings, movies, etc.

  1. I liked Slumdog Millionaire too.

    Doubt was a very powerful movie and well acted.

  2. Saw Tsotsi on tv; very powerful.

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